Grip It fixings

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Grip It is a type of fixing designed for use in hollow walls around your home. By hollow walls, we’re talking about stud walls where plasterboard is attached to timber uprights, or drylined walls where plasterboard is secured to the blockwork below using dabs of adhesive. In both instances, there are large voids below the plasterboard and so you need a special design of fixing to ensure that whatever fitting you’re going to hang on the wall, it’s safely held in place. Now there are plenty of designs of fixing on the market that do cater for this need – some are shown in my guide – ‘Fixing into hollow walls’. read more »

Buying screws

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Buying screws for your next DIY project is not a job that should be taken lightly, as making the right choice will have you purring with satisfaction when every screw is driven home with ease. However, make the wrong choice and you’ll be screaming in frustration when screw heads snap off, or you just don’t seem to be able to get any purchase on the screws as you desperately try to force them into place. You’ll find more information about different screw types in my ‘Household fixing kit’ read more »

Buying a cordless drill

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Buying a cordless drill can be a daunting task, because there are so many options on the market, but ownership of one is a must if you do any sort of constructional DIY around the home. Even if the most you do is hang a few pictures, a cordless drill just makes life so much easier, in fact the only difficult thing about these tools is choosing which cordless drill to buy. At the bottom of this guide you’ll find my recommendations for the best cordless drill on the market, as well as a cheaper, budget option, which is still a great tool for more occasional DIY use. read more »

Filling large holes in hollow walls

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When you need to fill a large hole in a hollow wall (stud wall), the problem is that you can’t just use some patch plaster as it will simply disappear inside the wall as soon as you apply it. It therefore becomes necessary to actually patch in a piece of plasterboard which may then be filled over the top to provide a smooth finish. The thickness of plasterboard does vary and it is normally either 9.5mm or 12.5mm thick. read more »