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Carbon monoxide detector patches

Posted in 'How-to' Guides, Diy Basics on May 28th, 2012 by Julian Cassell – Be the first to comment

Carbon monoxide (CO) detector patches detect the presence of dangerous levels of CO in the atmosphere, resulting in the circular area in the centre of the detector changing colour. These patches are often seen as an alternative to using mains operated, or, battery operated CO alarms, but this really should NOT be the case, and in the following guide, I’ll explain why. read more »


DIY safety

Posted in 'How-to' Guides, Diy Basics on January 3rd, 2012 by Julian Cassell – Be the first to comment

DIY safety is always a topic that springs to my mind after Christmas, as there will be a considerable number of people who have just received some sort of tool or gadget that they may not be too familiar with, and without wanting to be too much of a killjoy, nambypamby, health and safety bore, I just wanted to jot down a few points of guidance before you set about your first project. The list below mainly relates to DIY safety with power tools, but too be honest it could also include many hand tools. Anyway, these are my top five, but of course the perfect safety list will be much, much longer. read more »


Eye protection

Posted in Buying Guides, Safety Buying Guides on March 18th, 2011 by Julian Cassell – Be the first to comment

Now I don’t want to go down the road of some of the Health and Safety Gestapo otherwise, quite frankly, none of us would ever pick up a paint brush again, but I do want to impart a little bit of advice about staying safe with DIY and specifically eye protection. Whether you are doing all out demolition jobs, building a new house, or, just simply doing some average DIY around the home, you really do need to look after your eyes. read more »