Kitchen ­flooring that is warm and soft under foot

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Kitchen ­flooring that is warm and soft under foot

The Guardian, Saturday 16 January 2010

I am looking for some kitchen ­flooring that is warm and soft under foot. I like the green credentials of linoleum, but it needs professional fitting, which can be expensive. Does it have other disadvantages? Does the smell disappear once laid? Or are there any other alternatives?

Julian Cassell, our DIY guru, says, “You are right that linoleum needs professional fitting, and that it is a green product, basically made from linseed oil extracted from flax seeds – Marmoleum is one of the more popular brands. The alternative is vinyl, which is tricky (but possible) to lay yourself. Underfoot comfort is proportional to its thickness, and so price, and it does not have the same green credentials – try Karndean. ­Linoleum is more expensive with less choice, but those are the only disadvantages – the smell will ­disappear over time.”


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