Changing a window stay and pins

Window stays and pins are usually used along the bottom edge of a window to both hold it closed and allow you to prop the window in an open position. Changing stays and pins is a simple way of revamping the look of a window and is very straightforward to do. This job is normally carried out in conjunction with changing the window fastener – see guide ‘Changing a mortice window fastener‘. When choosing new stays and pins double check the length you require as most ranges will offer a number of different sizes.

removing old window stay and pins 1. Remove the old stay and pins. If possible, try and use the existing holes for the new window furniture.
positioning new window stay 2. With the window in the closed position, position the new stay and pins. Carefully lift off the stay ensuring the pins don’t move – if you’re lucky the holes may be in the same place as for the old window furniture.
marking fixing positions for stay pins 3. If you need new holes, mark through the fixing holes with a pencil.
screwing window stay pins in place 4. Drill pilot holes and fix both the stay pins in place. Place the stay back over the pins to check that they have been accurately positioned.
positioning and fixing window stay 5. Position the stay, mark the fixing positions, pilot hole and fix in place. Fill any visible old fixing holes with filler, sand smooth and paint.



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