Cracks are giving me that sinking feeling

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Cracks are giving me that sinking feeling

The Guardian, Saturday 16 May 2009

Three years ago we installed a ceramic, Belfast-style sink in our bathroom. It now has a couple of hairline cracks around the plughole. Is there a product to cover these and prevent them from spreading?

DIY expert Julian Cassell, author of DIY Know-How With Show-How (Dorling Kindersley, £25), says, “There are now all sorts of bathroom and kitchen surface repair kits out there that deal with such problems. With all these kits, it is essential to check that you buy the right one for the right surface. In your case, a product manufactured by a company called Cramer is the best option. It’s called Bathroom Enamel Ceramic Repair Kit and the lowest price I found was £19.99 from It’s a simple, two-part system where you mix together a hardening compound with a filler, press it into the cracks, allow it to dry, sand it and coat with the paint provided. Follow any specific instructions carefully, ensuring that the basin cracks are bone dry before you begin, and allow adequate time before using the sink again after the repair. In terms of future prevention, try not to pour very hot water directly on to the repaired area.”


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