Growing apples

Growing apples is about as simple as it gets if you want to grow some fruit in your garden. Apples are the most popular orchard fruit, and although they prefer rich, moist, well drained soil, they still manage to crop well even in poor conditions. Below are the essential points to take into consideration if you are thinking about growing apples in your garden.

Growing apples on dwarf stock Apples are easily grown on dwarf stock in large pots and special varieties have been developed that need very little pruning.
Apple espaliers For beauty and productivity in small gardens, apples are best grown as espaliers as they benefit from the protection of a warm fence or wall.
Planting apple trees Well-established trees in containers can be planted at any time of the year if the roots aren’t damaged or the surrounding soil disturbed.
Apple tree graft There are no special planting requirements except that the graft (the distinctive swelling on the stem) is not planted beneath the soil.
Apple tree With no other special planting requirements, water generously to help trees establish and make good growth; also add a heavy mulch.

Apple growing tips

  • For more on planting small trees, see my guide ‘How to plant’.
  • When choosing your tree, take note of size expectations as requirements will clearly vary according to garden size and where you would like to position your tree.
  • Apples are easy, but this doesn’t mean other fruit trees are not! There is a huge choice of fruit trees out there that are straightforward to grow in your garden.



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