Non-toxic woodworm treatment

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Non-toxic woodworm treatment

The Guardian, Saturday 23 May 2009

I am wondering if there is a safer, less toxic treatment for woodworm. I need to treat a small amount in a desk, but am concerned at the warnings and dangers connected with the standard liquids.

DIY expert Julian Cassell, author of DIY Know-How With Show-How (Dorling Kindersley), says, “There certainly are more user-friendly treatments available. Boron-based products are odourless, non-toxic and do not contain carcinogens which can be found in some traditional treatments. The cheapest way to buy it is in powder form, then add water (Borax Woodworm Treatment is £12.67 a kilo from, but because you need such a small quantity, you could go for a ready-mixed version instead – the smallest pot of boron gel I could find was 500cc, from at £17.60. Both types are applied by brush and more pleasant to use than solvent-based treatments, but it’s still best to wear gloves and follow manufacturer’s guidelines to the letter.”


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