Getting bath water into the garden

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Getting bath water into the garden

The Guardian, Saturday 27 June 2009

I water my veg patch with a hose, but at the same time my young daughter’s nightly bath water goes straight down the plughole. There is no room for a water butt to be attached to the downpipe. Can you suggest a diverter to attach to the waste pipe to collect water in watering cans? It would need to have some kind of on/off mechanism.

DIY expert Julian Cassell, co-author of DIY: Know-How With Show-How (Dorling Kindersley, £25), says, “Yes, it does seem a waste not to use this water, and the good news is that manufacturers have started to answer such demands from a more environmentally aware public. I know of two gadgets designed to recycle bath water – or ‘grey’ water (which may also include shower and sink water). As you have no room for a water butt, you could attach a diverter to the waste pipe. These are available for £26.95 from Water Two ( If you could find room to redirect the waste pipe to a suitable position for a water butt, a filter unit can be added to the top of the water butt, and therefore even soapy water can be cleaned for garden use. A good system for this is provided in the form of Aquastore filter units.”


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