Garden furniture protection

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Garden furniture protection

The Guardian, Saturday 22 August 2009

I have a metal and wood garden set that’s been striped by dipping. Is there a clear product to protect the metal without painting it?

DIY expert Julian Cassell, co-author of DIY: Know-How With Show-How, says, “I would advise using a metal lacquer, such as Rustin’s clear metal lacquer (£2.90 for 125ml, from – order at least two bottles. It is applied by brush, dries quickly and two coats would be advisable. The wooden part of the furniture can be protected using any clear varnish that is recommended for exterior use. With both wooden and metal parts, be sure to remove any loose, flaky material before you begin, and the sooner you coat the metal after it has been stripped, the greater the protection from future corrosion.”


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