Framing big pictures

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Framing big pictures

The Guardian, Saturday 9 January 2010

I have a huge, limited-edition poster, and after five years on the wall with a combination of bulldog clips and nails, it is beginning to look tatty. I can’t find a frame to fit and am also worried about having glass that big.

DIY expert Julian Cassell says, “If you don’t want it framed professionally (any local picture framer will offer you a solution, although it won’t be cheap), use poster-mounting strips. These are elongated, double-sided adhesive pads designed specifically to hold posters in position without damaging them. They also won’t cause any damage should you need to peel them away from the wall. Packs of 12 3M Command Adhesive Strips are available from most of the DIY stores, with prices starting at around £1.99.”


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