Eco-friendly loft insulation

Space solves

Eco-friendly loft insulation

The Guardian, Saturday 6 February 2010

I want to insulate my loft in an eco-friendly way, preferably with wool, but the entrance hatch is tiny and I don’t want to make it ­bigger. What’s the best alternative?

“A visit to will give you all the answers,” says DIY expert Julian Cassell. “Thermafleece batts – the 60cm x 120cm ones, say – are incredibly flexible and will easily compress to fit through your hatch, although you’d have to pass them through one at a time. Unpacking ­insulation outside a loft is normally not recommended because it can spread ­fibres through the house, but with Thermafleece this problem doesn’t exist. If you still want to consider a loose-fibre option, ­Warmcel insulation, made from 100% recycled news­paper, is non-toxic and non-irritant – also from”


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