Shower seats

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Shower seats

The Guardian, Saturday 10 April 2010

I’m having a shower cubicle installed and I want a seat in it so I can scrub my feet. I’m told fold-down seats tend to break or come away from the wall. Can you recommend an attractive waterproof seat?

“As long as you pick a seat of decent quality, there is no reason it should come away from the wall,” says DIY expert Julian Cassell. “Designs have moved on from the traditional plastic foldaway types –, for instance, has an attractive slatted wood design (£63). If the wall is masonry, use sufficiently long screws and wall plugs to hold the seat in place (these should be supplied with the seat). And if you’re fixing it to a stud wall, the fixings need to go into the studs, so you may need to remove a section of plasterboard and insert horizontal wooden noggins at the seat fixing height. For a waterproof freestanding seat, try B&Q’s Bamboo corner seat (£59.98).”


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