Peeling bathroom paint

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Peeling bathroom paint

The Guardian, Saturday 24 April 2010

We recently repainted the bathroom using a good base coat and three coats of bathroom-quality ceiling paint. Despite our efforts, six months later the paint over the shower enclosure is already peeling.

“First ensure you have a good extractor fan,” says our DIY expert, Julian Cassell. “Otherwise, any painted surface will deteriorate quickly. In-line extractor fans can be positioned right over the shower and get rid of moist air quickly, quietly and efficiently – Screwfix has models starting at around £35. With extraction sorted, make sure you remove all the peeling paint from the ceiling using a scraper and sandpaper. Then opt for using two to three coats of an oil-based eggshell paint for the area above the shower, rather than a standard, water-based bathroom emulsion: it will be more resistant to moisture penetration and therefore much more hard-wearing.”


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