Tarmac repair

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Tarmac repair

The Guardian, Saturday 22 May 2010

The car park tarmac at our block of flats is in need of repair, and we’d like to be more environmentally friendly. Can you suggest a different surface that doesn’t cost the earth?

Our DIY expert, Julian Cassell, says, “As long as the existing surface is not too damaged, it can be repaired with bagged-up cold tarmac (around £5/25kg bag). Clear any potholes of loose debris, pour in the tarmac and compact it, ideally with a hired mini-roller (around £40/day) or hand-held rammer. This is the cheapest option. But if you want to go green, loose materials such as gravel are most eco-friendly in terms of production and drainage properties; or consider bark chippings – increasingly popular for low-traffic driveways. Both options are less expensive, and greener, than hard landscaping with paving. For more information, go to drivewayexpert.co.uk.”


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