How much is a new bathroom?

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Working out how much a new bathroom is going to cost can seem like a complicated calculation, as the final price tag is dependent on so many factors, but if you break down the whole job into its component parts, it is possible to come up with a very accurate estimate. How much your final figure adds up to, will also be very much dependent on the amount of work you yourself carry out, and this is clearly the area where big bathroom savings can be made. read more »


Condensation and mould

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How to solve condensation and mould in a bathroom is a subject that has always been high on my list of customer questions, but in the vast majority of cases, this is a problem that can be solved with minimal investment, or even zero investment, in some cases. So, in this post, I just wanted to point out the standard solutions for avoiding condensation and mould in your bathroom. read more »


Fitting a wall mounted basin

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Fitting a wall mounted basin provides a greater challenge than fitting a pedestal basin, or basin in a vanity unit, as you need to pay serious attention to how the weight of the basin is going to be supported. Also, you will almost certainly need to adjust supply and waste pipe positions for your new basin, therefore more advanced plumbing skills are required, than would normally be the case if, for example, you were just changing over one pedestal basin for another. read more »


Planning a bathroom

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Planning a bathroom project needs to be a very carefully considered process. If you are replacing most, or all, of the fixtures and fittings, it needs very good planning to co-ordinate the help you may require from different trades, with ordering and delivery of items, with the work you yourself plan to do, whilst still allowing your ‘home life’ to function around your bathroom re-fit! Below are a number of points to consider when planning a new bathroom, from making choices of bath, shower and toilet, to deciding on a sensible order of work. read more »


Fixing leaking bathroom taps

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To fix a leaking bathroom tap, or any tap for that matter, you must know where to turn off the water supply. First, check for isolation valves close to the tap on its supply pipes. If you cannot find one, you’ll need to turn off the supply with a stop tap further down the pipe run. The mains stopcock is often found under or close to the kitchen sink in most homes. read more »