Regrouting tiles

Regrouting tiles is a very effective way of reviving the look, and more importantly, the water repellent properties of a tiled surface. Grout will deteriorate a lot quicker than the tiles themselves and so within the lifespan of a tiled surface, you can expect to do some regrouting at least once or twice in order to keep things looking good as well as being water resistant.

raking out old grout from joints 1. Rake out the old grout along all the joints, using a grout raker. Take care not to damage the edges of the tiles when scraping the joints.
removing dust from tile joints 2. Brush out all dust and debris from the joints with a dusting brush, or ideally use a vacuum to make sure that all the old loose material has been removed.
regrouting tiles 3. Mix up or apply ready mixed grout to all the joints, pressing firmly in place with a grout spreader (float). Work the grout in all directions along each joint.
removing excess grout 4. Remove excess grout with a clean damp sponge. Keep checking for any small holes in the grout and refill if necessary.
using grout shaper 5. Just as the grout begins to harden, use a grout shaper along the joints. Allow to dry before polishing with a dry cloth to remove any residue.

Regrouting tip

  • Raking out is not a quick job, but it is the only effective way of restoring tiles to as waterproof a surface as possible. One other option is to try a grout cleaner. As the name suggests, you simply apply and then wash off. Not perfect, but certainly makes a difference!

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