Renewing silicone sealant

The silicone sealant joints around the edges of baths and showers are vital waterproofing components and must be replaced/renewed if they have been badly applied, or,  the passage of time (and corrosive cleaning agents!) have gradually broken down the effectiveness of the seal.

scraping away old silicone sealant

1. Scrape away the old seal along the bath/sink/shower edge using a window scraper. Take care not to scratch surfaces. Brush out all dust and debris – a vacuum is also ideal here. You must remove all traces of the old silicone, and ensure that surfaces are totally clean and dry before applying the new joint.

If it’s particularly stubborn to remove, there are a number of silicone removers on the market now – another option to speed up the process.

applying masking tape 2. Apply a length of masking tape to either side of the joint. Cut the end of the silicone sealant tube nozzle to a width slightly wider than the joint.
applying silicone sealant 3. Load the silicone sealant into the cartridge gun and apply along the joint slowly and evenly, trying to keep the bead to a consistent size.
smoothing silicone sealant 4. Smooth the silicone bead between the masking tape lengths with a wetted finger to maintain a consistent and smooth depth.
removing masking tape and smoothing sealant 5. Carefully remove the masking tape on either side of the fresh sealant and smooth once more along the joint with a wetted finger, for a perfect finish.


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