Fitting twin-slot shelving

Twin-slot shelving provides an excellent storage system that is both robust and adjustable. Always take great care when fixing into walls, being sure to avoid any buried cables or pipes. A cable, pipe and stud detector will always help you find suitable fixing points. The wall structure will determine the type of wall plugs and fixings you use. The strongest shelving is achieved when fixing into masonry walls or the timber inside stud walls. For further information, see guides – ‘Fixing into masonry walls‘ and ‘Fixing into hollow walls‘.

vertical guideline 1. Mark a vertical line for the first support. Hold a bracket against the line and mark fixing points.
shelf bracket 2. Drill pilot holes through the marks, plug them with the appropriate wall plug and screw the first bracket to the wall (If you are fixing directly into the wooden studs of a hollow wall, then you will not need pilot holes or wall plugs) .
level shelf brackets 3. Hold the next bracket in place, ensuring it is precisely vertical and level with the first bracket. This is best achieved by using a spirit level across the top of the brackets as shown. Pilot drill through the top fixing hole on the second bracket and secure in place accordingly.
pilot holes 4. Mark the other pilot holes through the second bracket, then swing the bracket to one side before drilling and plugging the pilot holes as required.
fixing bracket 5. Let the bracket swing back in place, check that it is vertical, and then use appropriate screws to fix it securely in place. Keep adding further brackets using the same technique, as required.
shelf supports 6. Choose where you want to place the top shelf and hook in shelf supports in the same position (height) on all brackets.
level shelf 7. Check that all supports are level and place the shelf on them. Add further supports and shelves as required.
using bradawl 8. Use a bradawl to make pilot holes on the underside of the shelves, through the supports. Secure in place with screws.

Twin-slot shelving tips

  • Always consider the load the shelves have to bear when choosing how far apart to position the brackets and therefore the supports. 60cm between supports is a standard measurement for most systems, but this distance may need to be less for heavier load requirements.
  • As well as choosing the colour and finish of the twin slot shelving, you also have a choice to make regarding the composition of the shelves. You may choose a plane wood option and paint them a colour to match your room decor,or, go for  something laminated for example, that requires no further finishing.
  • You will need a drill for putting up twin-slot shelving. For more information on the best option to buy, see my guide – ‘Buying a cordless drill’.


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