Fitting a door viewer

Door viewers, or peep holes as they are often called, simply allow you to check who’s on the other side of your front door before you open it. As security systems go, they are incredibly effective whilst also being a very cost effective option. You can buy door viewers in different finishes to match your other door furniture – brass or chrome are the most common door viewer finishes available.

drilling hole in door for viewer 1. Drill a hole with a flat bit, or auger bit, (size as directed by the viewer manufacturer) through the door. You need to be careful here as if you just drill straight through the door, the bit will split the wood as it exits. Therefore first, drill from one side carefully until the point of the bit just emerges from the other side of the door. Then stop, and drill back the other way from the other side. This will make the correct size of hole through the door, and avoid any splitting.
unscrewing door viewer 2. The door viewer comes in two parts and needs to be unscrewed before inserting in the drilled hole, with one part inside and one part outside.
fitting door viewer 3. Apply a little silicone sealant around the collar of the inside part to help make a watertight seal. Insert the threaded collar from the inside.
screwing in lens piece of door viewer 4. Insert the lens piece from the outside and screw into the inside collar. Again, a little silicone sealant will help keep the hole watertight.



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