Fitting a hinge bolt

As the name suggests, hinge bolts are fitted on the hinging edge of a door. Hinge bolts are most commonly used on front doors, but they can also, for example, be used on back doors or patios doors. They are normally used in pairs with one slightly below the top hinge and another just above the bottom hinge. They offer excellent additional security to the main locks on a door.

mark hinge bolt position 1. Mark the bolt position in the centre of the hinged edge of the door.
drill hole in door edge 2. Drill a hole at the mark to the depth, and using a drill bit, as specified by the manufacturer on their packaging.
hammering in bolt 3. Hammer the ribbed section of the bolt into the drilled hole, leaving the smooth domed section protruding from the door edge.
mark bolt position on frame 4. Gently ‘close’ the door allowing the bolt to make a small indent on the frame. Position and draw a line around the plate provided. Chisel out within the marked area to the plate depth. Drill out the central hole to accommodate the bolt.
screwing bolt plate in position 5. Screw the plate in place and check that the door opens and closes smoothly. Repeat the process for any further hinge bolts required.



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