Slow-running drain

undoing bath trap

The Guardian, Saturday 16 October 2010

Our bath has a very slow-running drain, but as we have a septic tank, we can’t put any toxic or abrasive chemicals down it.

“Try an eco-aware product such as Earth Friendly Drain Cleaner, £7.80,” says DIY expert Julian Cassell. “But check the simple things first: if you can gain access to the trap under the bath, unscrew the plastic compression fittings that connect the waste pipe sections and make sure there are no blockages. If clear, reassemble the trap, checking the washers and seals are correctly positioned. Another option is a drain auger – a long spring that is fed down the plughole or into the waste pipe, to burrow into any blockage (Monument 3344k Drain Auger, £8.95, from”


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