Unblocking a toilet

Toilets do block from time to time, but in most cases they can be unblocked very simply. Chemical cleaners are available, but if you choose this option make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines precisely. Never use a chemical cleaner with a plunger. Regular blockages can often be caused by an inadequate ‘fall’ (slope downwards) in the pipes in parts of the drainage system. You may need a plumber to advise you here.

Using chemical cleaner to unblock toilet 1. Chemical cleaners can be poured into waste traps to clear them. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully as they can be dangerous if used incorrectly.
Using an auger to unblock toilet 2. An alternative technique to clearing a blockage is to use an auger. Pull a length of auger from the drum – a 1m length is normally sufficient.
Tightening retaining nut on drain auger 3. Tighten the retaining nut on the body of the auger so that the length you will be pushing through the waste system is held firm.
Pushing auger into toilet U-bend 4. Push the coiled auger end into the toilet U-bend and turn the handle so that the end can twist through, dislodge the blockage and break it up.
Disinfecting unblocking equipment 5. When the blockage has been cleared, disinfect all the equipment used with a household disinfectant. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully.
Soaking auger in disinfectant before rinsing 6. Soak the tools as directed, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before packing away.



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