Changing a toilet seat

Changing a toilet seat is a straightforward job, whilst also being a cheap way of giving your bathroom a bit of a revamp. Most seats are adjustable in that the hinges can be adjusted to fit different toilet bowl sizes, however it is always worth taking a few measurements before you buy a new one, just to check.

Undoing old toilet seat fixings and assembling the new one 1. Undo the old seat fixings and remove. Adjust the new seat hinges to fit the pan as directed by the manufacturer. In this example, the locking screws need to be screwed in and the fixing bolts positioned.
Positioning the main seat washers 2. Place the main seat washers onto the hinge plates, threading them over the fixing bolts.
Toilet seat fixing bolts 3. Feed the fixing bolts through the holes in the toilet pan, ensuring that the hinges sit flush on top of the pan. The bolts will be visible below.
Tightening toilet seat in position 4. First position the domed washers and then the fixing nuts on the protruding bolt threads and tighten. Do not overtighten.



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