Rainwater diverter for metal downpipe

The Guardian, Saturday 18 December 2010

We have metal guttering and want to trap rainwater in a butt, but can’t find a company that supplies kit for metal. Can you help?

“A diverter kit fitted into a downpipe is what you need,” says DIY guru Julian Cassell. “Wickes has a plastic diverter that fits metal downpipes (£3.99). For something more heavy-duty, try the droughtbuster kit, £14.90, from doctorenergy.co.uk. At £33.60, a cast-iron diverter is steep (from combinedharvesters.co.uk), but it would be most in keeping with your pipes. Remember, you’ll also need a hacksaw to cut through the downpipe and brackets to support the pipe above and below the diverter.”


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