Maintaining decking

Maintaining decking and keeping it in a good state of repair not only keeps it looking good, but also safe. Decks should really be cleaned down thoroughly at least once a year, and although you don’t necessarily need to re-coat with wood preserver annually, the more regularly you do it, the longer your deck will last.

pressure washer 1. A pressure washer is the ideal cleaning tool for decking. If you don’t have one, a stiff brush with a bucket of water should suffice.
 Using power pad 2. When applying protective products, there are tools that are easy-to-use and aid speedy application, such as the power pad, shown here.
 Using a decking roller kit 3. As an alternative to a power pad, use a specially designed roller kit, appropriate for the application of external wood treatments.
 decking preserver in container 4. For convenience and ease of application, wood treatment can be bought in shaped containers that double up as a roller tray.
 applying wood preserver to deck with roller 5. Before applying, brush down a deck thoroughly. Apply as many coats as recommended by the manufacturer. Touch up edges with a paintbrush.

Maintenance tips

  • The gadgets shown above make application easier, but all you really need is a large paintbrush.
  • Only the decking surface is shown here – if you have hand rails and/or steps, treat these as well.
  • All the big outlets sell these treatments with the same, or similar, tools as shown here. You will also be given a choice of colours with clear, green and various browns being the most commonly used.

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