Kitchen makeovers

A kitchen makeover is a great way of revamping such an important area of your home without going to the expense of buying and fitting a completely new kitchen. Below are a number of ideas for kitchen makeovers, and ways of updating your existing layout.

  • Wallpaper in a kitchen can struggle with long term adhesion in the business areas around cookers and sinks.
    However, papering a feature wall in the dining area of an open plan design is certainly a good option.
  • Paint alone can transform the look, and there really is no need to go for the ‘specialist kitchen’ paints, as any vinyl matt has wipeable properties, and so performs absolutely fine. It’s also relatively cheap, easy to apply, and all brands have a massive colour range to choose from.
Worktops and splashbacks
Sanding wooden kitchen worktop

Palm sanders – not vital, but ideal for a worktop. Click on the picture for my guide on the best options.

  • Changing a kitchen worktop can totally change the look of a kitchen, but unless it’s a simple run, it’s only really a job for very competent DIY enthusiasts. Also make sure the new one is the same thickness as the old one or you can have potential problems with the existing tile line for example. See more information in my guide ‘Changing a kitchen worktop’.
  • Wooden worktops will have a new lease of life with a bit of a sand and a re-coat. A palm sander is ideal for cleaning the worktop down, and I always use a combined wax/oil for re-finishing as it just gives great protection along with a great finish.Osmo wax/oil is available on Amazon.
  • Tiles are always a popular splashback choice, but a more economic, yet still effective option is just to attach a small upstand to the back edge of the worktop. Apart from behind the sink and cooker, I never see the need to have huge areas of tiles or polished steel, as unless you allow your dog to jump on the worktop and shake itself down after swimming, or, you have a habit of moving down your worktop vigorously turning a hand whisk covered in custard, then surely just a wipeable paint is the most cost effective option for any general splashing.
Painting kitchen units

Coat of primer, then on with the finishing paints! Or go for some Annie Sloane chalk paint.

  • Changing door and cupboard fronts is a great kitchen makeover and although it can certainly ratchet up the costs, it will be nothing compared to changing the actual unit carcasses. There are many firms now offering this option. If you do it yourself, just make sure you get the sizes right, and check that the hinges on any new doors are compatible with your unit design.
  • Painting kitchen units is a seriously good budget option, and by the far the best makeover for units unless you really can’t stand the design of your cupboard and drawer fronts. Nearly all types of lacquered and varnished surfaces can now be painted successfully if you use the right primer before applying finishing coats.Zinsser BIN is the best primer for this purpose and it’s also available on Amazon.The other great option that doesn’t even need a primer is to use chalk paint by Annie Sloan. Fantastic stuff and you can see what I’m talking about here.

So, if you’re not going for the full new kitchen, the above should give you a few options for a kitchen makeover that really doesn’t need to be expensive, whilst still being very effective. Have a browse around the site and you’ll find plenty more ideas!


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