Growing strawberries

Growing strawberries is a project that any gardener should try, as simply put, they are very easy to grow. Yes, you can grow from seed, but growing from plants, as shown below, makes the whole process even easier. To ensure you have sufficient plants to pick enough for the needs of a family of four over the summer, plant around one hundred plants in a strawberry bed. Pay close attention to any instructions provided with your plants as different strawberry varieties will certainly have variations in planting, and growing, advice.

Freshly rooted strawberry plants 1. Begin with freshly rooted plants and don’t keep plants more than three years. Renew a third of the bed each year for the best productivity.
Planting strawberries 2. Ideally plant in early autumn; if not, in late summer or spring. Dig a hole large enough so that the roots can spread outwards and downwards.
Planting strawberries level with soil 3. Stop the crowns (where the stem meets the roots) from rotting in winter by planting level with the soil. Keep them well watered and free of weeds, but don’t waterlog the soil.
Straw around strawberry plants 4. Place straw or matting around plants as they begin to flower to encourage root growth, suppress weeds and keep fruits off the ground.
Netting strawberries 5. To protect the crop from birds or squirrels you will need a fruit cage, or spread small meshed garden netting over a suitable frame to cover the plants.

Strawberry growing tips

  • Strawberries like to be grown in a sunny position.
  • Typically, plants are grown around 30-40cm apart, but check your supplier instructions.
  • If you don’t have a suitable plot in your garden, bear in mind that strawberry plants are also ideal for growing in containers and raised beds.



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