Garden storage

Sufficient garden storage space is an important component of any garden, and there are a vast array of options out there. Below, I’ve assembled some good ideas in this area, that cater for both large and small gardens. As always, set yourself a budget, as it is easy to get carried away with all sorts of racks and storage units that suppliers and advertisers may suggest as “essential” for all gardeners. So, take some time to find out what garden storage options suit your particular needs.

Garden sheds

Garden shed storage

If there’s space – always go for a shed.

It is somewhat obvious, but in all honesty, a garden shed is the ideal storage solution for tools and other garden paraphernalia, as it provides a perfect, secure outdoor space. Many different sizes and designs are available, supplied as easy-to-assemble kits. Therefore if at all possible, I would always advise, space permitting, that you have a garden shed.

They are so mass-produced these days, meaning that prices may not be as steep as you may think, and putting up your own shed is the perfect DIY job, easily within the capabilities of any home improvement enthusiast. It is a job for two though – what better way of spending a Saturday afternoon with your partner!

I’m not going to expand any further here on my shed opinions, as for loads more information, please check out my ‘Buying a shed‘ guide for what you should be looking for, and also my ‘Building a shed‘ guide, which includes a number of vital points on making an adequate foundation for your shed.

Garden tool stores

Garden stores

Garden stores and cabinets – smaller than sheds, yet still a weathertight option.

If space is an issue you can look at smaller storage options, that can be used outside, and still provide a weathertight solution.

Therefore, consider buying what has now come to be called a “garden store”, which is essentially a small shed, or glorified outdoor cupboard.

It takes up much less room than a shed, and yes it is, much smaller, but in many cases you can still fit a lawnmower, your gardening tools, and a few kids’ toys inside.

They can be wood, plastic or metal, and so you do get some sort of “style” choice.

Garden storage racking

Most garden sheds won’t be supplied with interior shelving or racking, and so you do need to think about what your requirement will be. With a new shed, I also tend to buy a certain amount of 4in by 2in treated timber (or similar), to a) add a bit of strength to what can often be a slightly flimsy design and b) to knock up some simple supports for shelving.

Garden storage rack

Storage rack – simple, adjustable, and rainproof if required.

The shelves themselves can be made from ply or even old shelving that may be knocking about in your in loft. After all, we are talking about a shed here, and therefore it is a great opportunity to recycle such things as old shelving units, and old kitchen units. Truth be told, the work top shelving area in my shed is made from three lengths of a fairly expensive oak engineered floor that were left over from a flooring project. They’d sat in my loft for years, so why not? Recycle, recycle recycle….

If you do need to buy a racking or storage solution, you will find any number of tool rack systems on the market which can be used for both large and small gardening tools.

Some systems come with plastic covers so they can be used inside or out.

The rack pictured to the left could be used in your shed, greenhouse or out in the open, and has adjustable shelves so you can customise it precisely for your needs.

Garden storage deals

Take a bit of time, and do a bit of price comparing as you will find that most of the storage options out there are available with a number of different suppliers. I would advise beginning with Amazon, as unsurprisingly, the selection is huge, and as mentioned earlier, take a few minutes to check out my ‘Buying a shed‘ guide for some further advice.

  1. Rose Merritt says:

    I must admit, I love an afternoon of a weekend spent doing some DIY, and objects such as sheds almost come across as a challenge. One warning that I must hand out to other enthusiasts is to check that you have all of the components before starting – nothing more infuriating than not being given any washers, or running out of bolts etc!

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