Planting a hedge

Planting a hedge is a great way of creating a boundary, whether it be around the edge of your land, or, between you and your neighbour, or even as a decorative division between different parts of your garden. Box hedges, as shown below, are very easy to plant and maintain, and can be trimmed to stay small for a more a decorative option, or allowed to grow much higher in order to create a larger boundary feature.

Planting a box hedge 1. Always follow the supplier guidelines, but generally you need to plant five box plants per metre in a single row. The best soil for box is chalky, but as long as the ground is well drained, box will normally grow anywhere.
Hedge planting 2. Take a look at my guide - ‘How to plant’, for more information on the best techniques for planting, which includes instructions about adding fertilisers, and mulching (as shown in the photo).

Planting hedge tips

  • Box hedges aren’t the fastest growing hedge option. Therefore, you will clearly get the fastest finished product by buying the largest plants – but obviously this will be the most expensive option.
  • In good, well-drained soil, your plants should grow at 15cm per year.
  • Box is a hedge that responds very well to shaping and trimming and is excellent potted, to trim as topiary.

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