Fitting a carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon monoxide (CO) alarms are essential safety devices that must be fitted in your home. Do not confuse them with smoke alarms as they do not detect smoke, but the presence of CO instead. An accumulation of odourless CO can be fatal and collects when fuel-burning appliances malfunction or are badly fitted. These alarms are simple and quick to fit.

Fitting batteries in carbon monoxide alarm 1. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines precisely for fitting a carbon monoxide alarm. Only use the batteries that are recommended. For further advice on fixing into a wall, see these guides – ‘Fixing into masonry walls‘ or ‘Fixing into hollow walls’. Most manufacturers will supply wall plugs and fixings.
Fitting carbon monoxide alarm to wall 2. You must pay particular attention to where the alarm should be positioned. Test the alarm once fitted.

Some carbon monoxide alarm considerations

  • You can also buy alarms that plug directly into a mains socket. Again pay particular attention to positioning.
  • Carbon monoxide alarms must be tested regularly to check that they are still working.
  • Carbon monoxide alarms don’t last forever, so make sure you read the manufacturers’ guidelines as to when your alarms will need replacing.


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