Cutting copper pipe

Before making any adjustments in pipe lengths or direction, you must correctly identify the different functions and types of pipes in your home. Never cut into a pipe unless you are certain of it’s function. Never touch gas pipes. To make any adjustments in pipe length or direction, you need to know how to cut pipe and make joints. Below is shown how to cut copper pipe (tube) before making a joint.

Marking position to cut copper pipe 1. Turn supply off if working on water pipes. Mark where to cut and position the pipe cutter. Remember when measuring that pipe normally extends 15mm into a joint.
Tightening jaws of pipe cutter 2. With the pencil line aligned precisely, tighten the jaws of the cutter by turning the handle. Rotate the tool to begin cutting.
Rotating pipe cutter 3. After two or three rotations, tighten the handle once more and keep rotating until the pipe cuts in two with a clean, even cut.
De-burring copper pipe 4. De-burr the inside cut edge of the pipe, to remove any rough edges, using the de-burring tool that flips out on the back of the pipe cutter.
Cleaning copper pipe with steel wool 5. Clean the outside of the pipe with some steel wool to provide a totally clean surface. The pipe is now ready to make a joint.

Things to consider

  • Pipe slices can be used to cut pipe instead of a pipe cutter which is shown above. Pipe slices are  ideal when working in tight spaces. A pipe cutter can be adjusted according to pipe diameter, whereas with pipe slices, you need to buy different sizes for different size of pipe.


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