Making a push-fit copper joint

Making a push-fit copper joint is a simpler alternative to using the traditional technique of soldering joints. Quite simply, copper push-fit fittings require no blowtorch, flux and solder, making them an attractive option for DIY. Below is shown how to make a copper push-fit joint with a straight coupler, but the same principles can be applied to other angles and types of joint requirement.

Using copper push fit joint 1. Push the end of one pipe into the copper joint – which contains a grab ring and seal. Ensure that it goes in as far as possible.
Pushing copper pipe into joint 2. Repeat the process with the other pipe, pushing it into the other end of the joint. Again, ensure that the pipe is inserted in as far as possible.
Using pipe de-mounting tool 3. This is all that is needed unless you need to disassemble the joint and adjust pipe length. For this, use a de-mounting tool positioned around the joint collar.
Pulling push fit joint apart 4. Apply pressure on the joint with the de-mounting tool and this will release the grab ring inside and allow the pipe to slide out.

Copper push-fit tips

  • When you buy joints, make sure they are the correct size for the pipe you are joining. 15mm and 22mm are common in domestic situations.
  • Techniques for joining and the design of the de-mounting tool may vary between different manufacturers.
  • For more information on cutting pipes, see guide – ‘Cutting copper pipes’.


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