Fitting double-glazing film

Fitting double-glazing film to your windows is a simple alternative to the much more expensive option of fitting UPVC or wood double-glazed windows and doors. Double-glazing film quite simply offers an insulating layer for draughty windows and therefore it also helps in saving on energy bills. Many people use this option just in the winter months because it is cheap and quick to apply, whilst still helping to keep the house warm. As far as DIY jobs go, it doesn’t get much easier. Double-glazing film is normally sold in kit form.

fitting double glazing film 1. Apply double-sided tape to each side of the window frame. The tape should overlap, leaving no gaps. Don’t remove the backing paper at this stage.
pressing double sided tape in position 2. Press down the tape all the way around to make sure the adhesive has stuck, then unfold the film making sure you are using a single layer.
offering up double glazing film to window 3. Offer the film up to the window and mark or cut to size – just outside the tape edges, so as to leave enough to trim neatly when it has been secured.
removing backing from double sided tape 4. Remove the backing from the tape all around the frame, and apply the film to the tape, keeping it as flat and taut as possible.
using hairdryer with double glazing film 5. Heat the film with a hairdryer as the manufacturer directs. Work around the frame until all wrinkles have disappeared. Finally trim excess from around the edges.


When carrying out any type of draught excluding, remember that it is also important for rooms to have adequate ventilation. This is essential if you have a solid fuel fire, a gas fire or a boiler with an open flue. This is why in most cases its not suitable to draught-proof in kitchens and bathrooms or in the vicinity of any fuel-burning appliance, unless you are certain that the room has adequate ventilation.



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