Fitting a brush draught excluder

Something as simple as fitting a brush draught excluder can make a big difference in keeping a room much warmer. They are relatively inexpensive and can be fitted in a matter of minutes. Brush draught excluders are most commonly fitted along the bottom of a door, as shown below, but there are also self-adhesive draught excluders that are effective around the frame of a door or window opening, as well as other designs that are commonly fitted around the frame of an exterior door.

fitting brush draught excluder 1. Brush draught excluders will fit along the bottom of most internal or external doors. They tend to be sold in standard lengths that require a final trim before fitting.
measuring for draught excluder 2. Measure the exact door width and cut the excluder to length. A junior hacksaw is ideal for cutting – it can cut either wood or metal excluder designs. Once cut, you may need to pinch the brush channel with pliers to help stop the bristles from falling out.
positioning draught excluder 3. Position the excluder so that it makes good contact with the floor. Mark fixing points through the pre-drilled holes in the excluder.
drilling pilot holes for draught excluder 4. Drill pilot holes at the marked off points and loosely screw the excluder in place. Open and close the door to ensure it creates a good seal.
adjusting height of draught excluder 5. Adjust the height if required before screwing the excluder in place at all fixing points using a hand held screwdriver or drill/driver.

Further draught excluder advice

  • When carrying out any type of draught excluding, remember that it is also important for rooms to have adequate ventilation. This is essential if you have a solid fuel fire, a gas fire or a boiler with an open flue. This is why in most cases its not suitable to draught-proof in kitchens and bathrooms or in the vicinity of any fuel-burning appliance, unless you are certain that the room has adequate ventilation.
  • Most of the big diy outlets will sell a good selection of brush draught excluders in different finishes. Also, you can paint the wooden strip on the wooden ones to match the colour of your door. Note that you can also buy them in packs of 5, if you are looking to fit excluders to several doors.

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