Fitting a casement stay lock

If you need to add some security to your wooden casement windows, the quickest and easiest way is simply by fitting casement stay locks. All it involves is replacing the existing stay pins with new locking ones. Clearly you need to try and get stay locks that match the colour and style of your existing window furniture. They are commonly supplied in brass or chrome effect, but you’ll need a specialist supplier for a larger range of stay lock colours and styles.

casement stay locks 1. Casement stay locks are generally used in pairs, although you can get away with replacing just one pin rather than both.
unscrewing stay pins 2. Simply unscrew the existing pins.
fitting new locking stay pins 3. Position the new pins hooking the stay over them to make sure they are in precisely the right place.
marking stay pin positions 4. It is more than likely that the fixing holes of the new pins will not line up with the old ones. Gently lift off the stay and use a bradawl or pencil to mark the new fixing hole positions. You may then temporarily put the new stay pins to one side, drill pilot holes and and then screw the new stay pins in place.
fitting locking nut to stay pin 5. Drop the stay onto the new pins and position the locking nut that will secure the window stay. The manufacturer will supply a key for this purpose.



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