Fitting a casement window lock

Casement window locks are an excellent form of window security and can be fitted to most wooden windows, which have hinged opening sections (casements). Small windows may be fitted with one casement lock, but with larger ones it is best to use two – one near the top and one close to the bottom of the opening casement(s). Casement window locks are commonly supplied white but you can try a specialist supplier if you need to match the finish of your other window furniture.

positioning window lock 1. A casement window lock consists of a striking plate and a lock body. Close the window and use a pencil to mark the position of both parts.
marking fixing points for casement window lock 2. Use a bradawl to mark the fixing points of the striking plate on the window frame, and of the locking body on the casement.
drilling pilot holes 3. Pilot drill the holes for both parts and then secure the locking body in place with the screws provided.
fixing striking plate 4. Fix the striking plate in place in the same way, and make sure that the two parts of the lock are secure and well aligned.
using key to test lock 5. With both parts secured, you can check that the lock works smoothly with the special key provided by the manufacturer.
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    Great entry, I am going to install my casement window locks this weekend and will use your guide when doing that. Thank you for sharing, it is a very helpful post.

  2. FV says:

    Excellent post, but i cannot seem to find any of these locks here in the States….
    any idea why these are not readily available here? only in UK

    • Hi there,

      You’re right, it would seem that this isn’t a common item in the US. I’ve just had a quick look at Lowes and Home Depot, with no luck – but those are the only US stores I know I’m afraid – sorry.

      Maybe if you pop down to your local ironmongery store, they may be able to help?

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