Fitting a locking UPVC window fastener

UPVC fasteners do break and so replacement may sometimes be necessary, or you may simply want a different style. It’s worth checking your window sales guaranty before carrying out the work, as such replacement may invalidate a guaranty. When choosing new fasteners, you do need to check that they will be compatible with your window type. For example the screw positions and distance between them will often indicate whether you have a suitable option. All this said, the actual technique for fitting a locking UPVC fastener is very straightforward.

removing window handle 1. To remove an old window fastener from a UPVC window, use the flat end of a screwdriver to flip off the caps that cover the fixing screws.
unscrewing upvc handle 2. There will normally be a screw either side of the fastener. Unscrew both screws to release the fastener from its position.
cutting locking bar of upvc window handle 3. Compare the length of the locking bar of the old fastener with the new one. Cut the new one down to the required length using a junior hacksaw.
fitting new upvc window handle 4. Check that the new fastener fits. Any rough edges on the locking bar can be filed off if necessary.
securing upvc window fastener in place 5. When the fastener is in position, tighten up the retaining screws and position the caps over the screw heads, if supplied.

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