Fitting a sash window press bolt

The security bolts and locks you use for a sash window are different in design to those used for a casement or hinged window. Common designs include the screw lock or screw bolt, which is effectively a bar that is inserted through both sashes holding them together. A second common option is provided by press bolts, and the technique for fitting a sash window press bolt is shown below.

sash window press bolt 1. Press bolts consist of a lock body and a receiving plate. They are locked by pressing the bolt in place, and unlocked with a key.
marking lock position 2. With the window in a closed position, place the lock body flush with the edge of the inner frame. Mark and drill pilot holes.
drilling pilot holes 3. Position the receiving plate on the outer frame, flush with the edge to engage directly with the lock body. Mark, and drill pilot holes.
securing receiving plate 4. Secure the body and receiving plate. The lock is simply operated by pressing the bolt in place when you wish to lock the window.
operating sash press bolt 5. To release the bolt, you must use the key provided by the manufacturer to allow the bolt to spring back into an open position.

Window lock tips

  • For the best security, sash locks are generally fitted in pairs with one close to either side of the window.
  • Press bolts are more expensive than screw locks but they are quicker to open and close, making them a more convenient option.


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