Using a paint pad

Using a paint pad provides an alternative to using a roller when painting a room, as a paint pad, like a roller, is designed to paint large areas quickly. As with a roller, pads can be attached to extension poles making it easier to paint ceilings for example, and you can also get small paint pads for more detailed work such as for painting skirting boards. Personally, I feel that they are most effective for the larger areas like ceilings and walls, and the basic technique for using a paint pad is shown below.

pad reservoir 1. Load paint onto the paint pad in the reservoir of the tray. Evenly distribute the paint by running the pad over the ribbed section of the tray.
how to use a paint pad 2. Apply the paint in broad strokes to the wall surface using light even pressure on the pad.
painting with a paint pad 3. Applying two bands of paint with one loading of paint on the pad is a good technique.
using paint pads 4. Use the pad to evenly distribute the paint by returning across the initial area of application.

Painting with pads

  • Try not to spread the paint too far as you will end up having to apply more coats than is necessary.
  • You can cut in round the edge of a wall or ceiling by using a smaller pad or paintbrush.
  • Although paint pads can be used for oil based paints, I would recommend only using them with water-based options, and specifically emulsions.


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