Repairing a wooden kitchen worktop

Wooden worktops should be re-oiled at least once a year to keep them in good condition. Also standing water will damage wooden worktops quickly so take care to wipe the surface down throroughly to absorb all moisture, immediately after any spillage has occured. Dents in a wooden worktop can be repaired using normal woodfiller but choose a colour that matches the worktop colour as closely as possible. Sand the area smooth once the filler has hardened and re-oil the area as required.If you need to re-finish the entire worktop follow the steps below.

sanding wooden kitchen worktop 1. Over time, wooden worktops can stain and discolour. Sand away damage on solid wooden worktops, going with the grain. A palm sander is the ideal tool for this. For information on the best sander on the market, see my ‘Sander Buying Guide‘.
cleaning down wooden worktop 2. After sanding back to the bare wood without making any depressions, wipe away any dust with a soft cloth. You can dampen the cloth with a little white spirit.
applying oil to wooden kitchen worktop 3. Brush on a coat of oil as directed by the manufacturer. Ensure a good even coverage over the sanded area.
removing excess worktop oil 4. Remove excess oil with a clean lint-free cloth. Allow the worktop oil to dry and recoat as recommended.

Kitchen worktop repair tips

  • No worktop appreciates having red-hot pots or pans placed on it. Wooden worktops can suffer burn damage almost immediately so use a trivet or custom-made mat when resting hot items on a kitchen surface.
  • Check the product guidelines, but generally speaking, the more coats of oil you apply – the better the protection.
  • In terms of the best product to use for kitchen worktop repair, please take a look at my guide ‘Kitchen worktop oil.’


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