Repairing a kitchen drawer handle

Drawer fronts and the mechanism by which they are held in place can sometimes break, and therefore require replacement. Drawer runners can generally be adjusted if the drawer is not running smoothly. Another common problem is simply that the handle fixing holes wear out, and a good technique for repairing a kitchen drawer handle is shown below.

fixing loose kitchen drawer handles or knobs 1. Drawer handles often become loose , and may be fixed by some simple strengthening of the fixing holes.
removing handle from damaged kitchen drawer 2. Remove the loose handle from its position by unscrewing the retaining screws behind the drawer front.
mixing up adhesive for drawer handle repair 3. Mix up some strong adhesive as directed by the manufacturer and press into the retaining screw holes.
refitting kitchen drawer handle 4. Position washers on the inside fixing holes and refit the handle. Leave the adhesive to dry before using the handle again.



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