Painting kitchen units

Nearly all kitchen unit surfaces can now be painted if you use a special primer to coat the unit surfaces first. This can be an inexpensive way of revamping an old kitchen if you are on a tight budget.

wiping down kitchen units before applying primer 1. Remove handles from all units and sand down the surfaces to paint. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust residue and apply primer.
painting kitchen units after applying primer 2. Once the primer is dry, sand surfaces again with a finer grade of sandpaper. Apply two coats of topcoat paint – eggshell is ideal. Again, you can sand between coats with a fine grade of sandpaper. When the paint is dry, refit the old handles or add new ones.

Tips for painting kitchen units

  • If you decide to replace your handles, remember to fill and sand the old fixing holes unless your new handles require the exact same fixing holes. One of the best selections of handles and knobs in all colours and designs can be found in John Lewis.
  • It is essential that the unit surfaces are as clean and grease free as possible before applying any paint.
  • The primer that you need is often referred to as a cupboard or melamine primer that is available in most of the large outlets. Another option is to use the pro choice with a product such as Zinsser BIN, but you’ll generally need to source this from your local Decorator’s or Builder’s merchant. More about the different primers and sealers, have a look at my guide ‘Which paint for wood?’


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