Repairing a laminate kitchen worktop

Repairing a laminate kitchen worktop is often a pretty tricky DIY job. These types of worktop can be chipped or scratched with sharp or heavy objects, and placing hot pans on them will normally end up with scolding of the laminate surface. In all cases, there are few options for repair; some manufacturers will supply various repair compounds, but I must admit I’ve had limited success with such laminate worktop repair kits. One area where seamless repair is much more achievable is with damage at the edges of laminate worktops where edging strips are either chipped or come away completely. Below is a good technique for repairing the laminate edge by applying a new length of edging strip.

applying contact adhesive to worktop edge 1. Use contact adhesive to reattach a length of edging strip. The adhesive must be applied to the worktop edge and edging strip.
positioning worktop edging strip 2. Wait for the adhesive to become tacky before pressing the strip firmly in place taking care to line up the top edge as neatly as possible.
using masking tape to hold worktop edging strip in place 3. Use some masking tape to hold the laminate strip in place and leave overnight so that the contact adhesive dries completely.
trimming kitchen worktop edging strip 4. Trim the edging strip to fit using a craft knife. The manufacturer may also recommend the use of a fine file to smooth the edges.

Laminate worktop repair tips

  • Above, a new length of laminate edging strip is shown being attached – if you have the old length, as long as its not too damaged, you may simply be able to reattach it.
  • Where repair is not possible, you may need to consider replacing the worktop. However, bear in mind that you don’t necessarily have to replace every length of worktop in your kitchen, rather replace the particular length that is damaged. Because most laminate worktop patterns are mass produced, you can generally find a perfect match for replacement purposes. For more on how to replace a kitchen worktop, see my guide ‘Changing a kitchen worktop.’

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